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While I currently work as an architect, I am first and foremost a fan of football. To put it nicely my parents do not understand sports. They come from a culture where academics are king. As a child of Soviet refugees, I never grew attached to sports through family. I did however come into sports through friendship and comradery. It was through my friends, that my passion for sports developed. First I was introduced to baseball. It was the statistics, and endless data points that drove my passion. In middle school, a friend invited me over to watch the Super Bowl, Carolina versus our very own New England. Ever since that moment, football has consumed me. Statistics, rookies, players, coaches, and fantasy. Lots and lots of time have been spent on stats and figures all to help me play better and be better at fantasy. There are many reasons why I love working in the football and fantasy industry. Many of these reasons have to do with my love for the sport, and many of the reasons have to do with the way I think about the sport. I have a very analytical mind, as such it's how I approach my profession and it is how I approach my day to day life.
Favorite Athletes

Tom Brady, John Smoltz, Hank Aaron, Calvin Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, Todd Gurley

Favorite Teams

New England Patriots, Atlanta Braves, Boston Celtics

Bitter Rivals

LA Lakers, New York Giants

Biggest Upset Ever

Super Bowl 52

Best NFL Team Ever

2007 New England Patriots

Lemieux or Gretzky?


Jordan or LeBron?


SNES or Genesis?

Super Nintendo

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